Mumbai's largest OSS community and organizing its longest running [over 8 years] tech meetup #mumtechup

What we do #

Mumbai Technology Meetup #mumtechup #

A monthly meetup usually consisting of 3-4 sessions revolving around a theme. The target audience are folks with intermediate experience but we reserve a few places for freshers.

freeCodeCamp #

One of our primary goal is to enable folks from all walks of life to be able to code and in this we found freeCodecamp an ideological ally and a superlative resource. Most of our meetups have a dedicated session for folks undertaking the freeCodeCamp challenges so that they can share
and encourage each other's progress towards being a full stack developer.

Protoschool #

Being an OSS community, we believe that privacy is an inviolable right of an individual and to this end, we support and work towards a decentralized web.
Along with freeCodeCamp, we host Protoschool sessions for enabling folks to take their

Bootcamps & Workshops #

If you go by last few year analytics, our most sought after events are bootcamps which comprises of day long coding sessions followed by hackathons.
These are usually theme based like cloud, #AI, #MixedReality etc.
Also we partner with MLH to conduct hackathons, giving special emphasis on student participation.

बिंदास, बनून टाक 🙏